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Apartments Padmanabhanagar

Advertiser: Brigade Komarla Heights  |  City: Bangalore  |  Posted: Sep 27, 2021 2:29 AM  |  Hits: 54
Apartments Padmanabhanagar
Brigade Komarla Heights location is so pleasing and a perfect fit for residential purposes. As we abundantly get numerous essential facilities like reputed schools, hospitals, shopping malls, entertaining arenas in the vicinity.

The connectivity part of the Brigade Komarla Heights is also noticeable with frequent buses to this locality from all parts of the city. The proposed nearest metro station is just a few minutes away. There are many connecting roads that seamlessly links the area with major parts of the city.

Brigade Komarla Heights are rich in amenities. The Brigade Group has lavishly provided plentiful facilities such as

Solid waste management to properly dispose of the waste. This saves the ecosystem that our future generation could live in.

Rainwater Harvesting is another ecosystem process carried out in Brigade Komarla Heights to store the rainwater with the required process and save it for better utilization.

Sewage Treatment Plant is designed in this property to process the water following the required technical process and recycle for irrigation and flushing purposes.

Website: https://www.brigadekomarlaheights.net.in/

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