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Price:   Rs. 11,500,000

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M3M Broadway Office Spaces

Advertiser: Ramaiya Sah  |  City: Gurgaon  |  Posted: Nov 29, 2020 7:00 AM  |  Hits: 212
M3M Broadway Office Spaces
M3M lofts 74 is snugly interwoven within a large mixed-use ecosystem, a visual masterpiece with seamless connectivity, multiple access and world class infrastructure including an open landscaped area. The architecture of the project facilitates smooth horizontal and vertical movement, giving the inhabitants of M3M lofts 74 access to everything they may ever need at any hour of the day. 4 levels of fashion retail, a 10-screen multiplex and a wide spectrum of culinary options, from fine dine to fast food, to conjure an ├╝ber cosmopolitan experience.

Website: http://www.m3mindiaofficial.in/

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