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Buy Ocean Golden I Office Spaces In Noida. Call 9266850850

Advertiser: Shimran  |  City: Greater Noida West  |  Posted: Feb 29, 2020 4:41 AM  |  Hits: 304
Buy Ocean Golden I Office Spaces In Noida. Call 9266850850
As a company whose sole vision is to change the dreams and aspirations of cities with its construction, this new concept introduced in Greater Noida West. Ocean Golden I Noida extension is set on 25-acres in meticulously landscaped grounds. Offering spaces for offices and retail shops, priced attractively & starts from 16 lacs onwards.

Project Highlights:

High efficiency floor plan
Suites and Residential Apartments
Just 2 minutes drive from Noida and FNG
Double height retail shop on the ground floor
Largest food court and biggest amphitheater
Mini basketball court / Multipurpose court
Lockable office spaces sizes ranging from 400 sq.ft. to 4000 sq.ft.
Mixed land use a project with the IT/ITES Offices, Retail Space, Corporate

Project Details:

Project Name: The Golden I
Price: Rs. 16 Lacs* Onward
Size: 400 Sq.Ft.
Location: Greater Noida West

Contact Details:

Call Us: +91-9266850850

Website: http://www.thegoldeni.net.in/

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