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Godrej Exquisite Villas Brochure Download

Advertiser: Arpan  |  City: Greater Noida  |  Posted: Apr 23, 2019 5:07 AM  |  Hits: 690
Godrej Exquisite Villas Brochure Download
Godrej Exquisite Villas Brochure presenting a showcase of their residential property in Greater Noida. In past, Godrej Properties have showcased their Evoke Villa at Sector 27 Greater Noida. These villas are the part of the township that is surrounded by amenities that are needed daily. Most of the collection is themed for perfect homes at this location that would add the advantage of greenery environment. In this location living and sports activities are there to combine with 9 hole golf course. At this location sports activities are available so each can enjoy there and live for a healthy life. It is a new launch and construction o be completed by 2023.

Call : 011-66651259

Website: https://www.smcrealty.com/project/godrej-exquisite-villas/brochure/

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