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Ajmera Nucleus Electronic City Phase 2 Bangalore

Advertiser:  |  City: Bangalore  |  Posted: Jan 19, 2019 6:41 AM  |  Hits: 1005
Ajmera Nucleus Electronic City Phase 2 Bangalore
He layout of the property is widely spread over many acres of the land parcel and bounded by the lush greeneries and trees. The developer has a great team of architectures and engineers who developed this property by using latest technology and modern machinery equipment. The entire construction of the Electronic city Phase 2property is being done by using superb quality construction materials such as rust-resistant iron bars, cement, sands, bricks and concretes. Every building of the property is developed by the RCC frame structure. You will find spacious and well-ventilated apartments on this property.

Website: https://www.addressofchoice.com/ajmera-nucleus-electronic-city-phase-2-bangalore-p43127

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