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Sobha Marina One | New Project Marine Drive Kochi

Advertiser: Rahul Singh  |  City: Kochi  |  Posted: Jun 11, 2018 8:26 AM  |  Hits: 398
Sobha Marina One | New Project Marine Drive Kochi
Dreaming of a luxury apartment in the heart of a city like Kochi is not just a dream anymore. Sobha Group has taken up the challenge of bringing the experience of luxurious living in one of the most populous parts of the Kochi city. Sobha Marina One promises to bring its residents the same authentic luxurious living experience that it has provided to residents of Marine Drive with its 10 earlier projects in and around the city. The facility will provide the buyers with options from small families to large families. Each apartment is particularly designed to provide natural light and fresh air, each apartment is designed for optimal space utilization so that the residents can most out of their space. The property provides ample space for its residents with its innovative design and detailing ranging from large corridors to big drawing rooms and wash areas.

Website: https://sobhamarinaone.upcomingestate.com/

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