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Office Space In WTC Noida

Advertiser: Ajay  |  City: Noida  |  Posted: Aug 08, 2017 1:47 AM  |  Hits: 536
Office Space In WTC Noida
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Own an office space in the most iconic tower in wtc noida - Signature tower which boasts of all the latest features and facilities that require for conducting effective business activity. This mega business tower is aesthetically built on the luxuriant piece of land amidst pleasant surroundings of tech zone-1, Greater noida. Natural elegance covers the entire area of wtc signature tower and creates an aesthetic ambience, Ideal for working. Moreover, The presence of major it and ites companies at this exotic location ensures to offer work friendly environment. Besides all these, There is another important reason because of which the developers have selected tech zone -1, Greater noida. And that reason is its close connectivity to landmark locations of noida, Greater noida and delhi.

Wtc signature tower specifications:
Two high rising towers
Three basement parking
Two level of ground parking
Video conferencing facility
World class technology
Tenant services
World class designing
Huge conference room
Spaces for offices in various sizes

Website: http://www.snma.in

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