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Spectrum Metro Commercial Retail Shops In Noida

Advertiser: Kavish Insa  |  City: Noida  |  Posted: Apr 27, 2017 4:07 AM  |  Hits: 492
Spectrum Metro Commercial Retail Shops In Noida
Spectrum Metro is the new commercial project spread over 15 Acres in sector 75 Noida. Spectrum @ Metro is one of the best commercial project that provides Retails shops, office space, commercial area and food court at an affordable cost. The project has best features which have been proposed for the first time in any commercial development venture in the heart of city Noida. The pricing of the office space is starting from Rs. 9 Lac. The project is developed by keeping in mind all the requirements of yours. As the growth of Real Estate Industry Residential, as well as Commercial Projects, are being developed in Noida City.
Book Commercial Retail Shops at Spectrum Metro Mall. Call Now- 0120-6500714
Or Visit- www.spectrummetro.org.in/

Website: http://www.spectrummetro.org.in/

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