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Price:   Rs. 1,400,000

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Shopping And Entertainment Hub Galaxy Diamond Plaza

Advertiser: Kumud Gupta  |  City: Noida Extension  |  Posted: Aug 14, 2016 7:15 AM  |  Hits: 428
Shopping And Entertainment Hub Galaxy Diamond Plaza
It is often hard to find very good amenities at affordable rates but at the Galaxy Diamond Plaza one can get the best facilities at very low rates. Galaxy Diamond Plaza has designed the structure in such a way that it complies with the Vaastu requirements to make sure that harmony and high gains prevail. The floor has been covered with vitrified tiles while the ceiling and walls have an elegant paint finish. It is located in Noida Extension and has over 4 lakh households living around it that will ensure that your business thrives up to its fullest potential.
For more details:
Galaxy Diamond Plaza
Noida Extension
Call Us: 9555807777
Visit: www.galaxygroup.org.in/galaxy-diamond-plaza/

Website: http://www.galaxygroup.org.in/galaxy-diamond-plaza/

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